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Omega's latest launch: Speedmaster Series with a white light-painted surface Moonwatch

The Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch series is reputed as the most classic chronograph on Earth. The latest model launched features a design with a white light-painted surface, highlighting the mystery of space exploration and the glorious history of the series.

Omega celebrity ambassador Daniel Craig wore this watch to the Planet OMEGA exhibition in New York in November 2023, marking the watch's first public appearance. Since then, fans of the Moonwatch have been eagerly anticipating the debut of this captivating timepiece. After much anticipation, this stylishly designed model has finally been officially launched and is now available for purchase.

The most distinctive feature of the new watch is its rare white surface, offering a unique design. When the original Speedmaster was introduced in 1957, one of the main goals of its designers was to create a watch that was clear and easy to read. Hence, they opted for a black surface with white hands and markers to create a stark contrast. The new model follows a similar approach in its use of contrasting colors. Omega has enhanced the white surface with black details and novel marker designs, and has added a striking red for the Speedmaster series name. The entire moonwatch's step dial is adorned with a glossy light paint finish, a first for the Moonwatch models.

Why choose white? The inspiration for the new watch's design primarily comes from the black and white hues of space suits, especially those worn during extravehicular activities such as spacewalks. This design concept is tightly linked to the theme of space, given that the Speedmaster Moonwatch has been part of the equipment for NASA astronauts since 1965 and was the first watch worn on the moon. The red details are inspired by the red stripes on astronauts' suits indicating the commander's rank, a feature introduced with the Apollo 13 mission in 1970.

White also carries another special significance. In 1969, Omega collaborated with NASA on a secret project aimed at designing the perfect space watch, resulting in the creation of the ALASKA I prototype. After months of testing, Omega ultimately decided on a white surface for its high thermal reflectivity. The latest model's red Speedmaster series name also draws inspiration from the red protective casing of the ALASKA I prototype.

Beyond the white surface, the watch also showcases Omega's exceptional craftsmanship. It features a 42mm stainless steel case paired with a comfortable vintage-style stainless steel bracelet, composed of five arched links per row, complemented by polished and brushed details, classic and elegant. There are also two other designs in the series: one comes with a black perforated leather strap with red and white stitching, and the other with an antibacterial rubber strap embossed with a lunar surface pattern on the bottom, not only pleasing to the eye but also more comfortable to wear.

Omega has also adorned the black anodized aluminum bezel with the Dot Over Ninety (DON) tachymeter scale, a detail that Moonwatch enthusiasts will surely appreciate. The watch is powered by the 3861 Co-Axial Master Chronometer movement, the latest version of the legendary 321 movement that was trusted by astronauts who landed on the moon.


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